The PHILOSOPHY of Lasa Andè

Maybe to the followers of Not Only Barcelona or those who have just happened to discover our website, it’s not clear yet that the project of the “Letting Go Bag that travels”, is a way of understanding travelling as an approach, a way of living.

“Physically travelling far away or not that far away in everyday life”

If there hadn’t been many journeys in the life of N.O.B, the idea that then turned into the project mentioned above, wouldn’t have been born.

  • Journey as a way of cleansing, eliminating from your life and not adding up;
  • Travelling means to get to know something or someone far different from what you’re accustomed to in your culture;
  • Travelling makes you discover a new part of yourself. It makes you try to interiorise that stranger, so distant (or so it would seem, but most time it isn’t) and that you’ve just discovered, that moved you so much it created a brand new you/ me;
  • Travelling is having all the senses more awake and being able to seize everything you are discovering. All your senses…everything open and ready to welcome you;
  • Travelling is turning your ego down, because otherwise during your journey, you’ll be alone and isolated (which is something that one should learn to do anyway in everyday life);
  • Travelling means heading out for adventures in order to catch smiles, that many cultures give away for free, and learn to turn this approach into attitude;
  • Travelling means not judging, because everything you do comes back to you like a boomerang and is going to hit you even harder;
  • Traveling means helping whoever you bump into in case they need your help-without expectations;
  • Travelling means encountering hurdles on the way, but not freaking out. Learn to fix your problems one step at the time and without complaints;
  • Travelling means talking less and listening more, because if you always talk about yourself (ego) and don’t leave space to other travellers that you’ll meet on your way, they won’t think twice and go elsewhere to find someone who’s got less ego than you;
  • Travelling is putting your neck out on the line when sometimes in certain situations someone needs to be defended (without being arrogant and avoiding putting yourself into trouble);
  • Travelling means jumping into unknown dances that you’ve never heard before but that makes your blood boil with joy;
  • Travelling means taking photos with new friends, seeing them afterwards and not recognising your smile anymore;
  • Travelling means losing and finding yourself;
  • Travelling means trusting someone you still haven’t met and with whom you’ll be friends for life;
  • Travelling means always shaking people’s hands. People whose face looks like butter could melt but most of the time will give you big surprises;
  • Travelling means following one’s gut feeling. Deciding to go to THAT destination, YES – right that one! No matter how many times you’ve heard people saying how dangerous that place is…because you know deep down that something good will happen;
  • Travelling means suddenly changing direction, catching a connection en-route, waiting;
  • Travelling means leaving your group behind in order to venture for solo-walks;
  • The far-away kind of journey but also your life journey;

JOURNEY as the homebase from which you start to learn how to:

-Give without take;

-Let go of what hinders your path;

-Trust the invisible/not chance, knowing deep inside that good things will happen

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