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A short post, because everything that has happened and is still happening here has been extremely fast !!!


Thursday 17th

October 2019, Lebanon

A new economical scheme has been approved and it will become effective at the beginning of 2020.

It entails price increases for Whatsapp calls, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and petrol.

No one believed that this would be the spark finally able to start the Lebanese revolution but, this time,

something unexpected happens because the majority of the population is literally crumbling under the

pressure of the political and economical situation.

In just a handful of seconds, all of Lebanon, from the north to the south of the country, arises.

It’s the so called normal people, they’re marching in the streets.

There is no logistical organization whatsoever.



Families, friends, older people, women, children are determined to make their voice, their frustration and the

fact that they have reached their limit heard.

The voice of the PEOPLE is the one that can be heard in the streets of Lebanon.

A river ready to overflow.

Muslims and Christians fight together, this time, because religious differences are unimportant in this case.

Tires are being burnt in order to have big fires that can stop the traffic, even the one on the motorway. The

airport is being cut out and Lebanese people offer to drive tourists to their locations just not to cause them any

major inconveniences.

@ Sandra K. Sahyoun

Friday 18th

October, Lebanon

The peaceful protest directed by the Lebanese people continues.

The tax issued by the government is IMMEDIATELY canceled but it’s not enough.

The streets are still blocked by the many protests spread all over the country.

Tires (and so much more!) are still being burnt. The air is black and in some places people are advised to

wear a mask or something to cover mouth and nose while breathing.


Witnesses describe Christian and Muslim women approaching the soldiers just to remind them that they

too are part of the society and that they had enough: it had become too much.

There are images of women with their children manifesting and singing and waving the Lebanese flag.

There is NO POLITICAL FLAG  involved and the ones that could be found in Lebanon (and there were quite a

few) have been taken down.

The Lebanese PEOPLE are waiting for an answer from the government but it does not seem to be

provided to them. One of the requests that then starts to appear on line is the so called COUNT DOWN,

so that the government resigns.

(Bakery in Tripoli offering during the all night FREE manushi for the protesters)

Just like in every other revolution, the “so called protesters” make an apparition and start destroying

everything. The Lebanese police has now an excuse to attack the peaceful protesters and Friday night

some violent encounters between those two fronts occur.

We’re talking about an obviously corrupt government that dares too much, asks for too much and loses

contact with the most important party of them all, with its so called “client”: the PEOPLE.


(Finally, you are so BEAUTIFUL)

People are the one who should reign, but sometimes they forget about it and when they finally remember that they have this huge power they kind of wake up again and the situation CHANGES.

Squares, neighborhoods, streets. A literal flood of Lebanese people, all together.

In little time, in every Lebanese community around the globe (and there are quite a few of them) people

organize manifestations to support the LEBANESE REVOLUTION.

This happens Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th October, even in Italy.

(Integration it’s possible/REAL)





The REVOLUTION (because now it’s really starting to look like one), THE LEBANESE REVOLIUTION, continues.

The Prime Minister Al-Hariri appears finally on television. He states that he’s siding with the Lebanese

people and that he will resign if he won’t be able to reach an agreement.

This time everyone is marching and the fear seems to be gone.

There are women wearing lipstick right in front of the barricades created by the police.

There are young married couples that brought an inflatable swimming pool with them. They filled it up

while waving a huge Lebanese flag.

The Prime Minister appears on television once again and according to the latest news the current

Lebanese government will probably be revoked that very same evening (Saturday 19th

October 2019/NOT YET !!!)

An online petition starts spreading: it can be signed online, thanks to the platform CHANGE. Its goal is to

cancel the confidentiality regarding bank affairs, particularly the ones around those accounts in Switzerland

that almost every politician in Lebanon has.

The general consensus was that Lebanese people are incredibly resilient and they really are. Nonetheless

they also showed that they can notice everything, that they understand what happens around them and that

they can and want to change direction TOGETHER.

No REVOLUTION happens pacifically, if the ones holding the power are not giving up, even when they know

that they are in the wrong. That is why, EVERYONE marched this time, even if it was dangerous and scary to

do it, to challenge the government.

(Protesters cleaning the streets)


(Protester CLEAN !!!)

“The Peaceful Lebanese Revolution”

“In Europe and in Italy the news – THE LEBANESE REVOLUTION – was brought up today and it came across

as totally uninformed”.


Easy. People rebelling, blocking the traffic, relentlessly protesting everywhere are dangerous.


Yes, because it can push other people to wake up and do the same.

We all wish that this CHANGE will be for the BETTER, in LEBANON. We also wish that the same kind of

CHANGE, SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY or REVOLUTION could happen in other societies. Quickly.

To follow what is happening right now in Lebanon, THE REAL INFORMATION, a PACIFIC REVOLUTION in LEBANON, an exemple for each COUNTRY/SOCIETY,  follow (on Facebook or on Instagram) the following pages:

@Beirutoldcitywalk @GinosBlog @Wearelebanon.

Thanks LEBANON for this LESSON, for your STRENGH and for your “PEACEFUL REVOLUTION”.

We say goodbye with this video because every time we watch it it still feels like we do it for the first time, caZZo !!!

N.B. We are really proud to use the colours of the LASA ANDE’ project, right now, in BEIRUT, for all the protesters want to paint their bodies, because LASA ANDE’ means letteraly LET GO: “whatever  and whoever it’s not anymore good for you, to START AGAIN something NEW”.

You can find us on the camp tent’s near the Blue mosque: “YALLA” !!!

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