1. No attachment to material things, situations, people.
  2. Giving receiving giving in a circular form.
  3. Trust The unknown, Universe, Not Coincidences.



The human being seems to be immensely in love with what is material and it is through something purely simple and material like a bag that the project of N.O.B. (Not only Barcelona) was born.

Because we get attached to a job that we do not like.

ause we get attached to an useless relationship that we know very well could not work.

Because when death arrives in our lives we see it through western eyes.

It is a simple exercise learning to let go, starting from the bottom, then learning , to let go at a higher level.

A magic ritual, a mantra, a tradition that in some parts of the world still exists and that in the so-called developed world existed until recently.

The energy of letting go increases little by little wearing the bag, and so, we begin to let go.


All religions and philosophies teach us, always, to give. When you give, without any expectation or pretence, but simply because it comes from within, then in your time of need, help will always come to support you. The most beautiful and surprising thing is that this always comes from unexpected directions, just to allow us to believe and trust in the other and the universe.


We have been taught for some strange reason that we cannot, we must not change direction in our lives, that before we jump in the direction of the unknown, we must be protected and calculate the consequences . Then comes the time when, if you do not let go of the certain for the uncertain, you might get sick, or you will get older and you risk remaining in an eternal loop. If we let ourselves be guided, instead, by the thrust we feel inside, if we believe in the universe and what it represents, then good things will come from the right direction.

(Mister George: Brazilian citizen/originally from Lebanon/Summer 2018/Beiruti)                         

1) You choose to embrace a Lasa Andé bag (there are many different models, with various details, because every human being is unique and true).

2 ) The inscription Lasa Andé derives from the dialect spoken in Italy,  in my region (Emilia Romagna) and it means “letting go”. A dialect rich in traditions and culture that today is at risk of disappearing.

3) Each bag contains a diary in which is indicated the number, the nickname, the address, what you want to let go, a first trip recommended, choosing between Italy and abroad.

4 ) The first recommended trip was written by those who have already embraced the bag, a simple example of giving without receiving.

5) When you want and if you want , you can choose with whom to swap the bag and the diary, choosing from the list of bags already on the road, for which has been reserved an entire post in the blog of N.O.B. You can exchange your bag by mail, meeting in one of the Lasa Andé Houses, in a third place, or endless other possibilities… long life to the creativity.


The bags are sewn and hand-printed in Italy. All the material has been sourced from within 30 Km. Our goal, which we are slowly achieving, is to become fluid and therefore 100% sustainable with local production, distribution, and seamstress. We decided to become fluid starting with Barcelona and Lebanon.


Lets go back to writing a diary by hand – it stimulates creativity. That’s not just N.O.B. talking, it has also been confirmed by authoritative scientific studies. In some prestigious American schools, for example, handwriting is being introduced as a new field of study. Writing by hand often helps to put in order our inner thoughts, and costs much less than a session with the psychologist.


Exchanging the diary, where you can write about everything that has happened (on the road, but also in your daily life, which is perhaps, the most difficult journey) and that helped us to grow and put us in a situation where you are open to learn. Why do we read books? So that we are able to understand, imagine things that often we wouldn’t be able to do on our own.


To exchange the bag and the diary with people of different nationalities allows us to learn our fears and our prejudices.

(Miss Nada: Danish citizen, originally from Palestine/Summer 2018/Beiruti)
Integration – Women’s power – Fairness

To produce the bags in Italy, we chose a seamstress who hand-seams the “LET it GO” bags. She’s paid a fair amount of money for her work and has complete agency over the time that she spends seaming. In Barcelona we are working with an association that allows Moroccan and Spanish women to seam together. In Lebanon we contacted an NGO which is doing something actually incredible by managing to transform a form of silent racism in something positive. A space was created, in which Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian women are seaming together.
Why women? It’s not about feminism. It’s enough to read about history (from different sources), to undestand why we choose women.  We strongly believe in that “power”. They always allowed society to evolve, they’re currently doing it and they will always continue doing that.

“If you choose to embrace the LASA ANDE’ BAg, you also choose to embrace the LASA ANDE’ PHILOSOPHY”.


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