The ENERGY of your “NICKNAME” (EN)

Did you ever seek for the meaning of your name ?

Well, if you haven’t, I think it’s high time you did !

Your name bears in it meaning and energy.

Have you noticed that often, nearly always, show-business characters change their names into Art appellatives ? Take Madonna and the Queen for example.

Mrs Madonna, whose real name is Maria Ciccone, opted for something else. The story of Maria, being it true or partly false, wasn’t an easy ride. Try to look around you and observe the lives of the Marias that surround you. For as much as this concerns me, it really is not easy. Mrs Ciccone opted for Madonna, still Maria if you think about it, but with the underlying meaning of something else…something higher up, spiritually lifted.

The Queen. What does a queen do ? She’s got power, she rules the kingdom and gets what she needs even better than a king does. What did the Queen do ? They created a new genre of music, a new way of dressing up/pretending – completely new ! They revolutionised the way of living their sexuality.

Do you know that nuns and priest change their name into those of Saint’s ? And the same happens in other religions too. In the undeveloped world, when you introduce to each other, it is custom to say the meaning of your name (and most of the time they will give you great and deep meanings). On the other hand in America during presentations they will tell you their positions/roles.

If after this reading you want to look for the meaning of your name, or maybe you don’t really care, go straight onto your nickname ! Your nickname has not been chosen by you, it has in fact been chosen by friends/family/others, and the more you don’t like it, the more it’s the right one for you !!!

The energy of your name will make your life go into a specific direction, and if you don’t like it, you can always go in the direction your nickname will take you. There you go ! Now you know why if you embrace “The philosophy of the letting go bag that travels”, you’ll have to leave us your nickname. If you take a peek HERE, a world will open in form of you, and maybe you’ll have a laugh too.

The nicknames of us working for N.O.B. that we have given each other when the creativity was gone – moments that last as much as a kiss on the cheek and to which we are really affectionate – are the following: “Peraz, Lapponia, Mangialecandele, Giovannona, Maza, Mago Esse, Fedo, Effe, Madrozooo, CiccioBello, Flower, Riader, Ciaina, Miss A., Evinsky, Ciulin, Gatta, Lavatrice, Bartoz, Moretz, Bertaz, M.L., BS, Samge” (yup ! – letter Z seems to be a constant, maybe because of our surname).

The meaning of our names on the other hand ?

Potente in Gloria”  and maybe, because it needed to be toned down a little bit, we have been given loads nicknames – some of them we liked more than others but we kept them all waiting for someone else to give us another one … that’s why in our opinion it’s not over yet !!!

In order below:

Chicca/Chiccogna: given by family;

Zazza: inspire by the inspector Zenigata from the animated movie Lupen – Also because of my surname and because at high school like Zazza, I used to be a pain in the arse/ to my classmates opinion;

Roica/Roicaz: the ending of my name with the addition of some creativity/ during my university’s years given by my Cesenati’s friends;

Minga: one of Dilan Dog’s female character /given to me by my Portuguese flatmate during my Erasmus in Barcelona;

Feffina/Feffè: created during a wild London night. There was a Spanish, an English, an African man and 2 Italians (I was one of the 2). My friends originally from Santarcangelo di Romagna, a fashion engineer but luckily not so much engineer in the end. We were all full of booze and therefore super happy – there was a wonderful vibration between us. The Mago Esse (fake engineer), couldn’t pronounce my name and could only say: “Feffina” “Feffè”. The period of my life when I lived in England was the time I felt the most alive (up until now – Lebanon is reaching place N.1) and maybe that’s why no one else since then gave me another nickname …but you never know!!!!

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