The DIARY: “A journey IN & OUT” (EN)

The journal is a travel diary or much simpler a diary, a very common one. Widely used until not so long ago and now you can find it in the LETTING GO BACK THAT TRAVELS.

It can be defined a journal, but you don’t necessarily have to use it for far flung journeys or holidays. You can travel even not going anywhere – in your everyday life (I find this the most challenging journey of them all). The journey includes discovering little new things, unknown sides of your personality and unexpected sides of the world around us. You can start noticing details and smiles that you couldn’t spot before. It all depends on us and the lens through which we observe situations.

And after that, of course, there’s the actual physical journey – the far away or not so far away from our home-base.

“No pin, no password, no secret telephone number”


To take notes, mark in blank on white everything that happens to us, either in our daily life or during your travels.


Reflections, acquaintances, coincidences, situations that made you feel at home (anywhere that is for you), things that make us move forward on our personal growth scale. It doesn’t have to be serious stuff. In fact many people also used it to write on it “to buy lists”, dates not to forget and so on. The more we let go of the bag (exchange it again and again), the more diaries we will be able to read and learn from: “THE FAMOUS GIVE AND TAKE CIRCLE”.

In this journal you are completely free. It’s not even necessary to take note of dates or your name on your thoughts.

The choice is on us – NO RULES.

N.D.D.N. (Note worth taking note of): you can write in different languages, if you like. Many bags have already flown beyond Italian borders (Spain, Germany, Portugal, Northern Ireland, Lebanon, Morocco and Columbia).


  1. Handwriting stimulates a creative side of the brain that through technology is not used at all. It’s not us from N.O.B. to say this, but reliable scientific sources around the world;
  2. Writing is therapeutically useful, and much cheaper than going to a session to your psychologist;
  3. Reading words written by others (like books for example) help us reach destinations we wouldn’t have been able to reach otherwise.
  4. Graphology is a science that studies human’s behaviour. Try to write something down. You’d be surprise to see how much your calligraphy has changed since the last time you’ve held a pen (even more so given that it is now on its way to extinction)


It hasn’t happened yet, but we’re sure it will soon. In case of existential crisis, you can always write to N.O.B., or much simpler, let yourself be guided by your gut feeling/creativity.

If you happened to be here by chance, and you cannot understand what we are babbling about, do not worry, we haven’t taken any illegal substances.

We’re just high on CREATIVITY…

You can find the start HERE !!!!

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