TO GIVE, just for the simple enjoyment of giving freely, it’s a phrase known to everybody but, nowadays, it has become outdated (in some parts of the world).

Every philosophy or religion taught us to give always and without any second aim. During the last centuries, human beings have somehow changed this tendency and, sometimes, they even upset or erased it.

Even in the world of economics the same principle can be found and many books were written about it. It makes little to no difference if you have a huge amount of money or very little of it. It must be kept moving instead of being stuck in a bank account (even though nowadays money could be safer under one’s mattress). The energy of money has to move, without worries. Furthermore, a percentage of it should be donated to charity and this has little to do with manuals: you should do it, if you feel something inside you that tells you to do something good and altruistic. When people talk about money, this concept is known to the majority. However, if we talk about applying it to our life, we tend to hide, just like ostriches.

If you give, and it is not a given, usually you do it for someone you got something from or for someone that will most likely give you something back in the future. That is because people often remember more vividly all the names of those who did not give them anything. They do not realise that they’re falling in a trap (which is typical of this consumerist economy) or in a true challenge for themselves and their personal evolution.

If a friend of yours, an acquaintance or even a complete stranger needs you now, what are you going to do? Are you going to be available in 2 weeks, 3 months or are you going to act now? The well known carpe diem is exactly that: we help right now, because our support is needed in this exact moment. We do not wait for the perfect moment, which by the way does not exist.

Have you ever realised that by giving without expectations, judgements, just because you’re drown to it and you can’t control it, you’ll unexpectedly get back always twice if not three times what you previously gave?

If you give, without any second aim or particular direction, the Universe will always help you in moments of need. Help will always be on its way: maybe not thanks to the people you thought would have helped you, maybe coming from a completely different direction, but it will always come to you and this is the most spectacular thing that could happen to you. I am sure every single one of you, thinking back to his or her life, can recognise this outstretched hand, sometimes visible, sometimes well disguised.

Help find its way to you because you are part of a flow and when you are in it, the energy will circulate and you’ll become one and only with giving and receiving.

The LET GO bag’s core is the simple action of giving without getting anything back. It’s a mirror, a barometer, an exercise to see if we are capable of doing it in our everyday life.

How do you apply the concept of giving without receiving while carrying a LET GO bag with you?

  1. Every LET GO bag is linked to a suggested TRIP, SITUATION and PERSON that are yet to be discovered. Who left the indications in regard to them? People that already have a LET GO bag themselves and who thought of those situations, aka of those moments when they felt at peace and centred. Those people made them available for other people that they will most likely never meet. Once you embrace this way of thinking, you’ll be asked the same question and will give two answers: one destination located in your home country and a second one located in the rest of the world.

  2. Every time you’ll swap bag with someone that you’ll be able to hand-pick, you’ll also swap the diary that comes with it. In this little notebook you can write everything that comes to your mind, all the important things that happen to you and you can even doodle or draw pictures. All of this will be made available to others, after the swap, and they will be most likely perfect strangers that will be given something freely, just for the enjoyment of giving without receiving anything back.

    Some examples of what happened to people who just GAVE after having embraced the philosophy of the LET GO bag:

    a) People embraced the bag and its philosophy but still haven’t suggested any destination to the people who will come after them;

    b) People suggested trips, people or situations just by writing a name or a simple word;

    c) People suggested trips just for the pure enjoyment of giving without receiving, pouring their hearts and souls into it.

    Which scenario, a b or c, will make you happier?

    (If you haven’t understood it yet, we’ll tell you: Option C!)

    “If more and more people will give themselves permission to literally get high on this philosophy giving without receiving, their life, and even ours, could get easier and this whole philosophy could become a way of being, again, just like it used to be”.

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