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Yes…exactly, this post it’s about condoms (and much more). The first time I bought condoms in the middle east or better, in L E B A N O N !!!  Writing this article hasn’t been easy because of all the connections with other past events, but we believe we made it in the end!!!

LEBANON and ITALY seem to have things in common with regards to the sex taboo. Both countries have in common the fact that it is something they don’t talk about. But then again, you know really well that in both countries you do it, and how you do it! BIG SURPRISE. One of the two continents has proved to be incredibly more OPENMINDED than the other.

For what concerns my female friends clique (except from the SPANISH ones – we really should learn from them), in general I only talk about sex with a few of them. The range goes from the girl who doesn’t say a word about it, to the one who tells every single detail (PLEASE DON’T). I have noticed that those who talk more openly about it have lived abroad: is this a coincidence?!!!!!

With male friends (Italian ones), is much easier, but there’s still a long way to go anyway. There are many blogs on the web that talk about sex, and if you know any, please suggest!!!! We are not sex-addicts here at N.O.B. but we understood, felt, recognised that “sexual energy” IS THE STRONGEST we have. Utilizing it, not only horizontally, but also vertically allows you to move and show many other kinds of energy that warms you up inside and that helps you remove blocks – whatever they are.

So, having finished with the preface and moving back to the past – it will be cohesive, because it was cohesive the moment when everything happened. It was the first time I bought condom in the Middle East – some would say a very common situation but apparently completely new.

Condoms in the Middle Est

The event was set in Lebanon. We were drinking and were both quite tipsy. He stops at the patrol station and suggest, all happy and bubbly, that I should buy condoms. I smiled and did not say anything. How many times did I find myself in that situation? Yeah – that’s right – and so I went.

I made my way to a shop that could be compared to an Italian “Autogrill”. As I walked in, the door closed behind me and it might have been the air conditioning but in that precise moment – something dawned on me. Woman, night, European, Middle-East, buying condoms.

I took a breath in and think: “Oh c’mon – it’s no big deal after all”.

Condoms, condoms, condoms, where are you ???

I have a look around the shop but they are nowhere to be seen and that can only mean the Till.

Till: empty. I start running to it but there’s a couple of adults and I let them go before me.

And one.

And so I try again but a group of guys walks in and so I let them go before me.

And two.

I hope the guy at the till speaks English at least! Otherwise I will never stop queuing!!!!!

I finally made my mind up and was aware that because of the Murphy law, every time I headed towards the till, more people would enter the shop. I finally go and ask the men if he sold any condoms (that clearly, I couldn’t see around). The man spoke English! Et voila’ – he opens a fake wall and there were, right before my eyes, a wide variety of condoms – but without my spectacles I couldn’t see a thing!

As I foresaw the till that was once empty, was starting to get crowded once again!!!

Ok so, I chose based on the colour of the box – Blue of course. The blue of a HUGE BOX.

Condom in the Middle Est

I settled the payment and made my way out the shop!!!!

I left the building laughing (a lot), and finally everything dawned on me. When I got back to the car, the guy asked me why it took me so log and then when he saw the box – that looks more like a chocolate box – burst out laughing.

Anyway, this experience brought me to think about two points on which this post is about:

How you like sentimental/sex relationships in Italy and Lebanon.

What I realised, the BIG SURPRISE, is that one of the two countries seems to be more evolved = more freedom of expression.

  1. One incredible likeness on how you live sex in Lebanon and Italy. Those who don’t do it or say they don’t do it. A Christian movement – both in Italy and Lebanon – boast not to have sex before marriage. It doesn’t mean that they don’t do it – they only need to use their imagination (it takes very little). With regards to Lebanon, it is quite common the reconstruction of the hymen. It is actually becoming a craze spreading all over the world (we will go in depth into this, next time, as it is a very interesting argument)
  2. The step ahead. Here it comes – the deep thought/reflection/enlightment – it took me a while but we made it. It is all about the: CENTRICAL vision. You get to Lebanon, Middle East, an atypical Middle East thinking it is you who are the central one, the open minded/free thinking when it comes to social/sexual relationships. Wrong!!!!

You realise that that is a very fat big lie!!! Here comes the big step ahead Lebanon takes away from our Bella Italia.

Those who live in the Capital, in most cases, live sex in a very free-way. They do it, say it, talk about it. In Italy this doesn’t happen, we don’t talk about people who have relationships that don’t work anymore, or they remain stuck in those stories (behaviour super popular). Like some sort of veil, as if they were ashamed and as if they The Italian society couldn’t accept the sex-talking (The presence of the Vatican might be a coincidence?). I spoke to many Lebanese men and women – who live in the capital – trying to explain to them my opinions and emotions on this argument. It all lead to the same conclusion. I am reporting here the comments of a young film director that stroke me a lot. Super interesting: “You European people, when you get here, you fall in love with Lebanon and more often than not, you end up staying here. This passion and way of living our personal relationships, in leaving sex without being strict with ourselves or others, you do not have in Europe anymore. Why are we like this? Because when war bends your country nearly twice and you don’t know if after having left your house you are going to see it ever again and you don’t know what’s going to happen out there, everything is put into perspective in life. And inevitably this way of being, this passion was passed from generation to generation – until today. This chilled way of living sexuality in Lebanon, doesn’t prevent love stories from happening, au contraire, it makes them flourish.

When you make love, even if it may seem occasional, if you guys meet (if you want to), if you would get to know each other (if you want to), if you keep in touch (if you want to), given that it’s the strongest energy that we’ve got – it takes us to choose in horizontal position, who you want to be in vertical position with, and also who to let go.

If you want to know more about Lebanon, you can start from here (at the moment available only in Italian but soon soon in English)…so, happy discovery!!!

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