Alternative trip in Lebanon summer 2019

ALTERNATIVE TRIP in LEBANON SUMMER 2019. The troop guided by N.O.B. it’s moving.

We’re finally here: from the 29/07 to the 08/08 [2019].

Thanks so much for the AMAZING photo in evidence, on this post, done by the amazing phographer @ypts_saadeh.

LEB A NOUN:The Heart of God

HOW LONG – 10 days

WHO – 7 beautiful people

HOW – Together we’ll discover this beautiful piece of land called Lebanon, the ancient Land of the PHOENICIANS. The one land that always changes landscape and atmosphere, surprising people all the time. We’ll be getting to know it from the North to the South, from the East to the West.

Tipical Amazing/Old/Abandoned Lebanese House - Beirut - Alternative trip in Lebanon summer 2019

Tipical Amazing/Old/Abandoned Lebanese House

WHAT – The rivers. The sea. The beaches. The incredible culture (old and modern). The amazing food (which is at the top of the charts even for Italian people). The human connections. The humility. The craziness (a little bit like the heirs of the Romans, I’d say). The music. The famous nights in Beirut. Trekking. The magic. We’ll discover the art of ancient crafts, sadly almost forgotten everywhere nowadays. Traditions. Free time. Empty hotels or mansions that show all their magnificence, if you take a look inside. Friends will invite us to dinner, in order to show us the rumoured Lebanese hospitality. We’ll access, quietly, a refugee camp as well. Will there be any unexpected events? Of course, but we’ll manage. Lebanon is full of them and it’s thanks to them that we can reach within ourselves, make some space to see/feel who we really are.

Sosteinable & alternative shop in BEIRUT/LEBANON - Alternative trip in Lebanon summer 2019


OVERNIGHT STAY – Camping sites with alternative sceneries, some of which will face some of the beautiful cedar trees’ fields that one can find all around Lebanon. Surrounded by nature and in our tents. In hostels and in Guest houses.

Cedars reserve in Lebanon - Alternative trip in Lebanon summer 2019

Cedar Reserve/Lebanon/Photo @ Fadi N. Zoubian Photography

FURTHER DETAILS about THE TRIP – they’ll be revealed at your arrival in Beirut. It will be full of surprises, one after the other. Let yourself go, then let the rest go and TRUST us.

  1. It’s a collective trip but it’s made possible by single individuals that trust the unknown and follow the flow (just like it happened to N.O.B. last year, when she arrived in this amazing land without knowing what would have happened. Brilliant, right?). There will be moments, if you wish, when we’ll leave you alone and free to explore the territory for a handful of hours and you’ll get lost, you’ll probably get mad, you’ll let yourself go and then you’ll be back, more focused and in tune with the amazing new culture that you’re getting to know.
  2. We’ll briefly visit some very touristic places such as Byblos, Baalbeck, Tyre and Cedars reserve of God. This last one is an absolute must, trust N.O.B.! The rest of the trip will allow us to discover less beaten paths and will allow us to witness how Lebanese people live and feel as well.

    Tipical Lebaese food in LEBANON - Amazing and delicious - Alternative trip in Lebanon summer 2019

    Art & Love of FOOD/LEBANON


    Nr. 1 – Many people do not know it, but Lebanon witnessed not one but two wars and in the last couple of years this Land started to give refuge to a lot of people from Syria. Even though people think it’s a very cheap country, this idea is not really true. N.O.B. tried to move this amazing project as fairly and as sustainably as possible. For everyone.

    Nr. 2 – You do not need a VISA to visit the Land of cedar trees. You’ll need a SLEEPING BAG and we kindly ask you to bring a small plant or flower (of your choice) with you. Just like the last emperor of Lebanon did when he decided to import pine trees in Lebanon after having witnessed the beauty of Italy. That is the reason why you’ll sometimes feel like you’re back there and not in Lebanon.

    “Alternative trip in L e b a n o n  summer 2019” 

PRICE680€ including

  • a Lebanese driver that will join the group during the whole trip;

  • our 7 beautiful people being collected at the airport in Beirut and being accompanied there again as well;

  • 10 nights and breakfasts;

  • rental caravan;

  • petrol;

  • entry to the following museums and archeological sites: Baalbek ruins, Beittedine Palace, Jeita Grotto, Tyre ruins, Mleeta Museum;

  • trekking with a guide inside the valley of KADISHA, also knows as Holy Valley;

  • meditation guided by N.O.B. if and when we won’t be too tired;

  • free WiFi for all the members of the troop (once here, you’ll understand why it is so important);

Kadisha - Holy Valley - Alternative trip in Lebanon summer 2019

Kadisha-Holy Valley/Lebanon

“Alternative trip in L e b a n o n  summer 2019” 

EXTRA EXPENSES ONCE ARRIVEDWe did a quick calculation of all the expenses and if you wish to receive further informations, just contact us. We can however assure you that almost everything should be covered.


  • make sure to check the following search engines while navigating in private mode: Momondo, Skyscanner, Rio2Rome;

  • from Italy you can fly directly to Lebanon by flying from Milan or from Rome. Otherwise you’ll have to take a connecting flight.

  • if by any chance you feel like embarking in a TRUE TRIP inside this JOURNEY we suggest you to take the ferry or the plane to Athens or to Turkey and then to fly to BEIRUT.

  • otherwise you can buy a one way ticket and see what happens once you’re here. You know, every foreigner that arrived here, for one reason or the other, has decided to stay (for a short or for a long period of time). There is something in the air, here, and you can not put it into a preconceived category but you’ll certainly feel it, which is the most important part.

Really amazing sea whater you didn't expect to see in Lebanon: Tyr. Alternative trip in Lebanon summer 2019

The best sea in the Middle-East: “Tyre”

“The Alternative trip in L e b a n o n  summer 2019” 

READ all the INSTRUCTIONS carefully and do NOT use in MODERATIONBe aware that you’ll fall in love at any given time, more than once, with this amazing country.

If YOU want to share stories with friends, acquaintances, partners about how you felt in LEBANON and about everything starting to move again, just jump on the alternative trip in Lebanon 2019! If this idea has planted a seed of curiosity in your mind do NOT wait for the right moment because, spoiler alert, it will never come and, by the way, it does not necessarily exist. Curiosity has a funny way of planting its seed and waiting until we decide to listen. RESULT: “We will only have lost time and time does not never come back”.

YOU know it ?

Alternative trip in Lebanon summer 2019


LEBANON: the place that can teach you how to live in the “present moment” and how to be “more resilient”. The amazing Land where, at the moment, there are very few tourists, because most of  they think it’s Libya and that the war is not over yet. It was over in 2006, just saying !!!

For more info:

Phone: (+39)349-8109767


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