The explosion in Beirut occurred yesterday 04th august 2020 caused a real inner explosion to N.O.B., this finally shook us and catapulted us in front of a pc writing again.

Please note: all the pictures and the video you will see show only partly the real state of Beirut.

Please note 2: we are no journalist, so be kind to us.

The explosion of Beirut


The plane landed in Lebanon in the summer of 2018, without knowing anything about it, for a month of voluntary work and stayed almost 3 months.

So, Comed back to Italy, we have decided to to go back at CHRISTMAS 2018, destination BEIRUT, to give impulse to the LASA ANDE’ (let it go) project creating.

In so doing, work opportunities for LEBANESE, SYRIAN PALESTINIAN WOMEN (Integration) and made with the ONLY ramaining fabric made in LEBANON (Local Economy).

We were literally enchanted by this culture that develops between the West and the Middle East and by this small piece of land, as big as ABRUZZO (Italian region) … located exactly where since always there were and continue to occur, how can we put it … some little problems.

Palestine, Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Iran and the great international powers that gravitate around them since always. The history of Lebanon is really dense and summarize it in a post is really “difficult” however, for the non-experts we’ll try a recap.

A civil war. 1975/1990, when it ended, a lot of what had been built by the colonizer (FRANCE) disappears and the Lebanese political system that begins to form little by little leaves space to a GREAT CORRUPTION.

“The effects of the explosion occurred in Beirut along what once was the motorway around the port”

So, Lebanese people, they descend from the PHOENICIAN, like Italians from the Romans. Lebanon is a country rich in history, archaeological ruins lots of which are abandoned to themselves. The roads are poorly, the railway was not rebuilt and so it is a real quest to move for just a few kilometres.

There is no drinking water in Beirut and no garbage disposal system and therefore, garbage is often burned where it is dumped or worse. The state-owned electric company guarantees energy for 21 hours a day only in Beirut (even less in certain areas).

If you want electricity 24 hours a day you need a private generator. The Lebanese state has a participation in this private company. Therefore, you pay the State a “double bill”. Speculative building has left a mark, the old colonial houses (an incredible mixture of Western and Eastern architecture) have been destroyed to leave space for horrid buildings.

And there is also a great influx of Syrian people, who because of the war, moved to Lebanon waiting to go back one day or to take off for other countries.


The explosion of Beirut

“A road near the port after the Beirut explosion”

After the end of the civil war, lasted almost 20 years, little by little Lebanon took the road to become the Swiss of the Middle East. In fact, the first thing you notice walking through the roads of Beirut is the INCREDIBLE number of BANKS.

Until the recent, foreign bank account could be anonymous and maybe some still remember that towards the end of the Berlusconi age in Italy, Mr. Berlusconi was found to have a bank account in LEBANON which was confiscated.

However, despite the large amount of financial resources present in the country, very few local factories were created in Lebanon so the country has to import almost everything from abroad. Local economy is basically non-existent.

Eventually, in October 2019, it was high time that “eventually” came and the Lebanese people flooded the streets. They cannot take any more.

That is the starting point of the LEBANESE REVOLUTION, the OCTOBER REVOLUTION. A PACIFIC revolution, the first I remember among those studied in the books.

All people go to manifestations united, with no religion or political affiliation applied. A UNITED and PACIFIC people that moved me and taught me a lot.

Revolution keeps going for a few months. The head of governement resigns. Some members of government change, however, nothing changes in the country.

The Lebanese government promise some reforms, in fact it is actually FROZEN. NOTHING is really done. Government is made up by representatives belonging to a series of religious and political groups in order to represent all the differences present in the Lebanese territory, among these there is also HEZBOLLAH.

The people start to suffer hard.

The “notorious” American president with the blond or white hairpiece, you choose, starts saying around that he doesn’t want to trade with countries that have anything to do with Hezbollah. Is the same procedure used by the president with the horrible hairpiece when he decided to fine all countries trading with Iran.

The rich/lucky close their accounts and transfer their money from Lebanon abroad. BANKS go pear shaped. A game of devaluing the Lebanese currency starts and the dollar (the other currency used in Lebanon) becomes like gold.

The dollar to the LL (Lebanese lira) change rate is totally ABSURD at the black market. Citizens can only withdraw their money in LL, that is waste paper by now. So, the amount of money people can withdraw per person is ridiculous.

The default is declared after a few months and the help of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) is requested, the IMF took a step back just a few weeks ago, as the minimum level of reforms requested was not met by the frozen Lebanese government (they did NOTHING).

“The video was taken from the office of a dear friend today. It is 3/4 kilometres from the explosion site in Beirut. Everybody had already left the office”

So, the Covid virus arrives and with it the Lockdown. Counter to what happens in Europe, in Lebanon there are only a few cases in March and April. Beirut airport is closed at the end of February and would be reopened in July.

The price of all commodities sky rockets and the whole country remains with almost no electricity for a few days both during the day and during the night.

This creates even more problems for the Lebanese hospitals already under great stress. Then the country is almost without bread, because it is too expensive to produce.

The Corona virus comes back stronger until the end of July. The recorded cases are INCREASING.

Before the explosion of the 4th August a new partial lockdown had been launched.

This is why there was a lot less people around than normal. Lebanon is FAR TOO FULL OF PEOPLE for its territory.

Default, Corona Virus, Zero Reforms and Israel.

Israel had “knocked at Lebanon’s doors” already in September 2019. We won’t go too much into details on this, however, they (Israel & Lebanon) “exchanged” a number of armed drones and missiles. We were living in Lebanon then and it is when we were really-fucking-shaken by fear that something could really happen: War.

It’s an emotion that a European person over 40 had not felt before. A feeling that in a second makes you understand how fucking lucky we are in certain parts of the world. And we do not appreciate it, we get up every morning thoughtless and pacific, with no fucking worry or feeling of alert glued on us.

Something like, you have to check everything and be ready to jump without knowing in which direction exactly.

But checking is impossible because nothing depends on you, so the fucking fear multiplies.

The explosion of Beirut

“The famous street of the night movida. Mar Makhel area where we went for a stroll hundreds of times like everybody else”

Israel and Lebanon, specifically Hezbollah, have a long dated and complicated relation. The previous conflict to the one started last summer dates back to 2006 when they fought for 34 days. Israel believes the war never ended and they only took a pause. Hezbollah believe they have defeated the Israeli army for the first time in history.

During our tour “Lebanon for tourists” we visited the Mleeta, now museum, that is a secret place from where Hezbollah retaliated the Israeli attacks.

Coming back to these days (summer 2020) Israel is back “knocking”.

Specifically, in the South of Lebanon again. There have been explosions, some clashes and maybe, maybe also yesterday, 4th August, some Israeli aircrafts were seen in the South of Lebanon (the source is not certain though).

Why does Israel fight against Lebanon? Because there is WATER this will be or already is the most important commodity and OIL and much more which is bigger than us. As far as I remember or studied, no terrorist attack or bomb or the like was ever claimed by Israel.

“Just a few steps away from all the houses we lived in in Lebanon”

The former Lebanese prime minister was murdered in February 2005. Who was he? He signed the agreements to stop the war in 1995 and helped the country through to the new phase and was the first non-army leader, he did not belong to any armed group nor to any militias who fought during the war.

He stays on the political stage for a very long time and people see him as the person who can stop the Syrian occupation and was not in favour of Hezbollah. People believe he is the only opportunity to stop the Syrian occupation and control the power of Hezbollah.

Unfortunately, this won’t happen. However, in April 2005, after 29 years of occupation the SYRIAN GOVERNMENT announces its withdrawal from Lebanon.

Government accepts to cooperate with THE UN in 2006 for the creation of an international tribunal.

So, for the first time in history an INTERNATIONAL TRIBUNAL shall investigate those liable for a terrorist attack.



“Port area after the explosion”

The verdict of that TRIBUNAL should have released exactly tomorrow 6th august 2020 (it was postponed justly). A strange coincidence.

The hypothesis regarding the culprit? As usual they are just opposite: maybe the Syrian government with Hezbollah carrying it out, or the Israeli secret services.

Just a step back. During the 70’s the small Lebanon becomes involved in the conflict between Israel and the freedom movements in Syria and Palestine. Anything and everything happens.

A series of ethnic and religious groups in Lebanon create militias which in turn support the various actors, that is when the civil war starts and Hezbollah was born.

“Another central area of Beirut after the explosion, but I unable to name it”

We did not believe to the first version pointing at fireworks, as a cause for the explosion in Beirut of 4th august 2020, not even for a NANOSECOND. Just by looking at the picture of the explosion you can see that we are light-years away from fireworks.

We cannot believe to the second version pointing at the confiscated explosive which was parked at Beirut port, since when exactly??? 2011 or 2014??? (inconsistent sources). We think it is hard to believe this as the explosion happened just now just a few days before the verdict and also, who can explain what ignited the explosion? Did it happen ALL BY ITSELF?

When a new version appeared, advising there is little probability for it to be a terrorist attack as the country is already on its knees, we feel dizzy. What would be a better moment if you want to destroy a country (whoever is on the other side) as to attack when it is already on its knees?

After all, nothing that is happening in the world at the moment is normal. Where is the sense in saying “there is only just little probability…?

Pity that the MASS MEDIA those that reach the masses have not informed at all regarding Israeli moves in the South of Lebanon. We just heard about the economic crisis regarding the BIG NATIONS. Then? What is the best industrial sector for making money? WEAPONS.

The world was already experiencing an economic crisis that is now worse with COVID, isn’t it true? So perfect!

A destroyed building

As written above the lockdown had just started again counter to what happened in Italy, because the cases of CORONAVIRUS had started to appear stronger and stronger. This means that there were less people around luckily enough. But when did all happen? BY NO COINCIDENCE around 17.30. Offices close at 17.00 in Lebanon.

It is an important message, not too strong even it is felt too strongly by all. Something like what happened with the twin towers. If that had happened at 11.00 instead of 8.50 the message would have been far too strong, even it if it was too strong anyway.  


Almost no head of State apart from the one with the HAIRPIECE said a word on what happened. Maybe someone did today and we missed it, because we are writing this post since this morning. There is silence, because every single word said now will have consequences.

Something will happen of course as when there is an event like this one something always occurs. Even if we live on the other side of the world, we are all involved as the actors, those who always decide everything, are quite a few and each one wants its slice of the cake.

The latest example was the war in SYRIA. Who knows if one day we will find out who decided the explosion in Beirut on 4th August 2020, because as usual we normal human beings are invisible pawns and now we also have our mouths shut (masks), we do not know now.

The important thing is to be aware at least a bit of how the world turns, of the schemata that are put forward (usually the same all the time) and do something to help those who are in deep shit, would it be a country in AFRICA, ASIA MIDDLE EAST SOUTH AMERICA or us ITALY: our FAMOUS GIVE 4 FREE.

What counts now, in this precise moment is to reach out and support and help each in our small way. The important thing is to make sure we are there for our dear Beirut.


Lebanon was our home for one and a half years. We lived in Beirut and we managed to know it, we loved it with all its contradictions and we took the best of its culture. Because for us Lebanon/Beirut shall always be in the smile of the people in the street who say hello even if they don’t know you.

Because Lebanon/Beirut shall be in the woman who speaks in Arabic to you and you answer in Italian and she offers you her home made coffee every morning and blesses you with incense.

‘Cause for us Lebanon/Beirut shall always be in the man at the next table in the restaurant where we wanted to try the spiced raw meat, learns there’s no more in the kitchen and gives you his plate as a gift.

Lebanese culture and hospitality

“BEIRUT/LIBANO. For us is a WOMAN. A mixture of contradictions of cultures of religions and languages and people who arrive and leave and lots of PASSION. A people who have well rooted in his genes the passion for life that so many people search for.

Despites it’s being long suffering (not the only one in the world) we never found anywhere else so much passion. Beirut, a woman that enchants you, shows all her passion and when she is annoyed slaps your face and hurts you bad. BEIRUT is a woman who walks quickly and doesn’t wait for anyone.

A city, a dimension made of curiosity and when she founds out you are (curious) opens her doors showing you unknown and unthinkable worlds. A woman who likes money, but supports and helps those who deserve it. Who enables you to go beyond your limits, jump in them and come out different.

DEAR BEIRUT, I hope, I am sure actually you will resurrect from your ashes and you will shine as before, no, even more than before, because it was your “before” who befouled you. We shall do what we can from here, in our small corner, to help you and not make you feel lonely. We are not alone and we shall never be”.


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