The LET GO/LASA ANDE’ bag number FIVE has been assigned.

NickName: VERO

First suggested trip: Transylvania (Romania)

Letting go: their Karma

Living: Romagna (Italy)

The dreamer who has been given this LET GO bag is a young lady who has left her secure job, because it did not represent her any more. She always gave freely and willingly to others, without expecting anything in return.

When she left her job, she had no security, let alone a clear vision for her future. She just wanted to dream on and to let go of the past, starting her own brand new life. It just so happened that in a moment full of uncertainty, someone asked her to house-sit a beautiful house in the middle of the countryside, in Emilia Romagna. And without expecting anything back either! Never forget: the UNIVERSE always finds a way to help you out and give back to you, in moments of need. That is, of course, if you are open to give to others.

She lived her dream for approximately ten months, surrounded only by nature. A beautiful place where she could finally find its sound and its melody again. In this dream she included also her guardian angel: her dog (her shoulder to cry on, her strength, her third eye).

She has become a great dog-sitter and, if you ever need a trustworthy person, she’s always ready to put everything in a suitcase and catch the first flight to help you out, no matter where you are. She’ll take care of your pets as if they were their owns!

She’s born and raised in EMILIA ROMAGNA (ITALY), she travelled a lot and this allowed her to be, even today, just like a puzzle made of not only all the beautiful experiences that she had, but also the ugly ones and all those things she fearlessly dealt with. Her future is surely filled with hope and, of course, foreign roads and paths.

Happy “LET GO” to the both of you, Misses!

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