Nickname: SAM
Living: Beirut (Lebanon).
LASA ANDE’/PRESENT MOMENT (March 2019): “Stop smoking cigarettes and the idea to run out of time”.
FIRST SUGGESTED TRIP: “Do something ALONE (not did yet) like travelling-dinner on a restaurant-cinema-clubbing”.
DREAM’s SONG: “You got to go” Above & Beyond feat Zoe Johnston”.
When you LASA ANDE’ something BIG, after that, LASA ANDE’ small things, will be really EASY.
Here you can read her story, to inspire all us (wrote by herself).
“The hardest phase in your life is when all of a sudden you are awakened.
It feels you were drugged for the longest time. Your hours, days, months and years have gone while you lay in the same bed numbed.
The minute you open your eyes and all the numbness starts to fade that’s when you start facing your decisions, actions, friends and life you chose for yourself.
That is exactly the feeling I’ve got after my abortion. The next day I opened my eyes , to realize the stranger sleeping next to me is husband, who I’ve been in a relationship with for 7 years and married to for 6 months. This stranger who is in his last 40s while and I’m in my late 20s was my husband! I felt so scared of him and even my own house felt unfamiliar and unsafe.
I tried to walk myself backward to understand.
Why am I here? Who am I?
These questions popped in my head because for the first time I was aware. Aware of myself, aware of my body, my conscious, my heart and my thoughts.
I knew the lack of trust I put in myself and the void I carried in my heart for the longest time was filled by this man who filled the void my father failed to fill and security.
That is why I ended up with this man.
With no fault of his own but mine.
I owned up to my mistake and realized that if I stay with this man our lives will be filled with sadness, lies and deceptions.
I decided that no matter how big my decision was and how many people will be against it.
I won’t settle and I won’t accept this life that was built over a troublesome mind, a broken heart, and a hurtful childhood will continue as my own.
I decided to put extra work on my inner self and let go of my marriage and the life that was somehow the future “I wanted” but to take action and build myself from nothing again.
Why ?
I realize the end its not wrong to make mistakes in life but what’s wrong is to continue in the mistake once you are aware it’s a mistake”.
After this aware Miss Sam, decided ALSO, to open a new NGO in LEBANON-BEIRUT.
The name: KYP
Know Your Place: “To know/recognize where you are going”.
KYP it’s a women community but not only. They are open to everyone  wants to make an effect on the Lebanese society and not only (because all the word right now it’s connected).
1) Every two Thursday they are organizing an (UN)Spoken event that it’s a talk tinted with inspiration through the voice of a successful woman.
Where: Riwaq (BEIRUT CITY)
When: from 20.00 to 21.00
2) They also organizing different events, open to everybody, to discover all the amazing skills everyone has, to beleive again in our self, to create a community with not JUDGMENT and to be AWARE in  life !!!
P.S.1.They are always open to accept volunteers from all around the world (in this case only women), because if we are going in the same cammino (to change direction to follow our dreams, all the time it’s necessary) the all world will benefit of it.
Here the social contacts (YALLA) !!!
 P.S.2. To know and discover one other interesting LASA ANDE’s story, jump here.

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