LASA ANDE’ N. 4: “Miss Maza”

The LET GO bag number 4 has been delivered.

Nick Name: Maza

First suggested trip: Albania, Tirana and its surroundings

Living in: Bari (Italy)

Letting go: The complex of not being able to reach her goals

The person who has been given the LET GO bag is a dreamer from Bari (Italy). She lived in Emilia Romagna, Spain and even in London. Now she feels like all those places have become part of one nation only, written on her passport. She often changed her role and her place in this life. Professional translator, in the past, she is now reaching the end of her holistic learning path to become a Shiatzu professional. Soon she will leave her job: it surely gives her economical security but it doesn’t make her feel alive anymore. She’s ready to embrace the “New” and to let go of the attachment to things that do not belong to her anymore. She works as a translator, helping foreign couples, focusing primarily on women who are ready to give birth and they are often already at the hospital. She’s always been a giver, without wanting anything back. People think about her, call her and she’s ready to help them, even though she’s always tremendously busy.

She’s a great tango dancer (she even took part to the world championship in 2013 in Buenos Aires), lover of the theater and of good food that should always be enjoyed with other people. Expert traveler and big supporter of the tearing apart of every possible kind of cliches. Extremely curious and always open to new possibilities.

Safe travels, SIS. Enjoy the company of your bag directly from Emilia Romagna !!!

N.B. This is one of the shortest posts you’ll find on this website. In December 2018 it is the most popular between the readers. Funnily enough, this bag never left, N.O.B. has never gotten the necessary information. Maybe this BEAUTIFUL DREAMER does not believe in it yet and/or she’s not ready (in the meanwhile, life goes on and time passes and they both are not waiting for anyone to show up).

The more she does not take part to it, the more this post is read… AMAZING !!!

Here, by the way, you can find the interesting story of another LET GO bag, so that you get a better idea of what could happen if you embrace the philosophy of letting go.

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