LASA ANDE’ N. 3 “My Sister”

The LET GO bag number 3 was given to this DREAMER on the day of her birthday. We’re talking about Spring 2017. We’re also talking about N.O.B.’s real sister, the biological one.

NickName: Bertaz

Living: Romagna (Italy)

First suggested trip: Paros (Greece). 

Letting go: “Her three sons, the fear of letting them be, of them making mistakes and of coming back, without comparisons or judgements whatsoever.”

She’s the most brilliant of two sisters: she rocks at mathematics and at all things logic. The other sister would be N.O.B., by the way. Luckily enough, the famous Gardner, discovered seven different types of intelligence, in the Nineties. She’s also the one who did not want to have children. Absolutely not.

Et voilá, she has three, now.

She decided to give without wanting anything back because, in theory, a parent shoud do exactly that. They sould give birth to beautiful souls without asking for anything in return. Then they, the children, maybe won’t be able to love as much as their parents loved them. And maybe it’s just how it should be. They’ll have the possibility to love without borders or limits when they’ll become parents and, if it does not happen, they’ll always be able to choose to give Love to this world (and trust N.O.B. on that: it wouldn’t damage the world, to get some free love). This Dreamer, thanks to the LET GO bag, decided to let go of her children: she’ll always be following them, sometimes from the nearest spot available, sometimes from afar but she will let them go, live their life and make mistakes.

Great swimmer, despite her age she’s still part of the water polo female team in a famous city of Emilia Romagna (Italy). Give her a swimmingpool, maybe an olympic one, tell her to swim 50 metres dolphin-style and you’ll be speachless. Despite her family and a full time job, she never let go of that passion, just like she never let go of her passion for travels.

The passion for travels has been trasmitted to her kids (N.O.B.’s nephews) and they have still to understand their incredible luck. Those kids are now teenagers and have almost travelled more than N.O.B. herself. Her bad, their luck, given that they are almost 18 years younger than their auntie.

N.O.B. is sure that the LET GO bag will help this Dreamer open up and believe more in other people, even when they are total strangers.

Fly, SIS, fly and have a lot of fun with your LET GO bag!

N.B. Sis never took part to the philosophy of letting go and of the LET GO bag, she never took her travel diary, where she could have read that the first suggested trip was, indeed, Paros, in Greece. What did she do, along with all her family, in the Summer of 2018? She went on holiday and, while enjoying the sun, her daughter wrote to N.O.B., saying that her mum would have loved to learn more about the philosophy of letting go. After one solid year she finally decides to take part to the project and the message comes from – you guessed it!  Greece!

It’s just how it happens. Everything follows its own path, N.O.B. does little to nothing, trying to be the messenger of the philosophy of letting go.

Here you can furthermore find the link to another interesting story, happened to someone embracing the philosophy of letting go and the LET GO bag.

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