LASA ANDE’ 14: “Miss Double S”

Nickname: Double S


Living in: She will be traveling soon for a long trip around South America.

Let it Go: “The frustrations for what I think that I could have done better”.

First suggested trip: “Vetralia: it’s like opening a little box where you eventually find a true present. An old village entangled by tuff, the green fields all around, the Etruscan ruins and a hesitant timelessness, where you’re left uncertain about whether to go further or stop and admire the beauty of everything that once was“.

Long hair, deep black eyes, a beautiful smile she blesses you with just if she trusts you or if she feels comfortable enough to do it. She decides to work to help those who are born in less wealthy conditions, even if that means changing “home” more often than not. If now she is exactly how she is, it’s thanks to all the countries she lived in, to all the cultures she learned something about and even to the ones she already knew about and that are now part of her. First Cambodia, then Nepal, then Morocco. Every time it was like the beginning of a new life, from square one once again, ready to learn. She’s extremely fascinated by the concept of “new”, she thinks it betters you (contrary to the “FEAR of the NEW” that is so popular among people). She never misses anything, at work. She’s always ready. Now she finally decided to let go of the past and to travel to South America, where she’s never been, and spend there a couple of months. A journey but also a space and a time dedicated exclusively to herself.

We don’t really know a lot about her personality but what we immediately felt, even through the internet, is that she really LOVES, when she decides to love.

On more than one occasion she has been called WARRIOR or ADVENTURER. Every woman is like that but she often does not realize it. Warrior means going in the direction she wants to follow with her head held high, even if she’s alone (we’re never totally alone) and even if no one went in that direction before her. She very well knows that the invisible exists, is not scared by it and she is aware that it’s there to take her hand and guide her!

Born in Emilia Romagna (ITALY), she knows the expression LASA ANDÉ/LET GO and she grew listening to those words. She lost someone she loved dearly, finished her work, tried to center herself once again and now she has decided that it is time to “let go of the past and of everything she thought she could have done better” and to leave. Leave and embark on a journey that has nothing to do with her work, for once, and that will also be an internal one, thanks to all the little things she will experience in South America.

Have a safe journey, INSIDE and OUTSIDE of yourself, Miss Double S.

“Never stop being a WARRIOR and LOVING in all the ways possible” !!!

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