Lasa Andé 34: ALPHABET

Nick name: Miss Alphabet
LET GO bag Number: 34
Letting go: “The fear caused by not following the general consensus”.
First suggested trip: CILENTO because it is a place that has yet to be fully discovered, by Italian and even by foreign people. It’s just as beautiful as Salento but definitely less crowded.

Maybe it’s just a not-coincidence but, after she received the LET GO bag, she left her job in Germany and her carrier at the University to start focusing on her real passions. She started travelling and volunteering with workaway in Spain and Portugal. She left her FEARS, she believes in herself now, more and more, and she is freaking good with words and with writing.

She is: @sam_withy

Women, you have the power to do whatever you want, and it doesn’t matter if you do not follow the rules of the so called traditional society. Society has changed a lot, in the last years, and you are, like a lot of people, going in the right direction. SUCCESS will arrive only when you follow your PASSION(s) and when/if you do something GOOD for the all WORLD.



IG: sam_whity

TWITTER: Hopeless Wanderer

If you want to know more about the LASA ANDE’ BAG that TRAVEL, here you can find another interesting story…YALLA !

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