The LET GO/LASA ANDE’ bag number FIVE has been assigned. NickName: VERO First suggested trip: Transylvania (Romania) Letting go: their Karma Living: Romagna (Italy) The dreamer who has been given this LET GO bag is a young lady who has left her secure job, because it did not represent her […]

Lasa Andé 34: ALPHABET

Nick name: Miss Alphabet LET GO bag Number: 34 Letting go: “The fear caused by not following the general consensus”. First suggested trip: CILENTO because it is a place that has yet to be fully discovered, by Italian and even by foreign people. It’s just as beautiful as Salento but definitely […]

LET GO Travelling Bag 14: Double S

Nickname: Double S Bag Number: 14 Living in: She will be traveling soon for a long trip around South America. Let it Go: “The frustrations for what I think that I could have done better”. First suggested trip: “Vetralia: it’s like opening a little box where you eventually find a […]