04/08/2020: “The explosion of/in Beirut”

(cover’s photo of the article by: “Bouyout Beirut”) “9 months without writing any articles on N.O.B.” The Beirut explosion and N.O.B.’s inner explosion   The EXPLOSION of BEIRUT. It was like delivering a baby. The explosion in Beirut occurred yesterday 04th august 2020 caused a real inner explosion to N.O.B., this […]


Discovering Lebanon… (The original post was written in ITALIAN – september 2018) This is a summary of what N.O.B. learnt and understood of Lebanon after almost two months  of intense life “around here”: Religion still makes a great difference here. It is incredibly important: urban areas, schools, weddings and a […]

Day Trip in LEBANON

We will, visiting sustainable reality,  discovering community kitchens and garden,  discovering abondened places,  sleep (if you are interested) in beautiful spots.   ” We are offering also,  free meditation sessions (THE LASE ANDE’ MEDITATION)”   OPTIONS A) NATURE TRIP 8:45-18:00  Hiking and swimming in Chouwen lake and Naher Ibrahim waterfalls.   1 […]

Alternative trip in Lebanon summer 2019

ALTERNATIVE TRIP in LEBANON SUMMER 2019. The troop guided by N.O.B. it’s moving. We’re finally here: from the 29/07 to the 08/08 [2019]. Thanks so much for the AMAZING photo in evidence, on this post, done by the amazing phographer @ypts_saadeh. LEB A NOUN: “The Heart of God“ HOW LONG […]